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 As you’ll have known,

memory is a result of a past condition leaving its traces as impressions in our brain. It is these impressions that we take to be the presence of that “past condition.” In reality, however, man never experiences any “past  condition,” because all his life man experiences only “a constantly changing present condition.” Neither does he ever experience “the past (time),” because throughout his lifetime he always experiences “the present.” He is in such a condition as he is now, because his body is made up of the “always present” basic matter of this universe, which consequently leads him to feel that he is “always present,” or “always in the present condition,” or always at the “present time” all of his life. It is only because man has memory that he is able to know about “the past condition” of not only his self but also the universe, though in fact all those that he has come to know about is not what they are in reality. That’s why it is not at all wrong for us to say that man with his memory is an “all knowing” entity of the universe. Amazing indeed!?! If it is true that man is the only living creature in this universe that is in possession of memory,

what and who is this human creature really then???



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