A Word from the writer


As the writer of this book, I would here like to present my description of some unique and stupefying natural phenomena. It is because of my awareness that what is written here is by and large based on my subjective point of view that I have had it published in order to engage the public in my search for objectivity. It is expected that the readers keep their comments for the end, because what is written on the front pages does have its explanations on the pages that follow, and even on the last page. The challenges posed by the contents as concerns the reality make me feel that this is really the kind of book that is worth the publicís scrutiny and judgment.


As I am fully aware that the readers may find this article to be too exacting and time-consuming to contemplate, I should therefore be very glad to accept the invitation of those who feel the need to have my presence to help them save their time and provide additional explanation about the subject in a forum.


Jointly with the writer, anyone who, by the call of his/her heart, wishes to take the initiative to get The Deceptive Nature of Memory widely published in the interest of science and human welfare, is welcome to do so. The writer will be very grateful for his/her high measure of understanding and support.


As an attempt to share his ideas with communities worldwide, the writer has also intentionally had a book with the same title published in the USA.

To further extend the outreach of the book and to facilitate its introduction to a larger segment of the world society, I have had most of its contents put in the internet.