Two conflicting natural phenomena that are also representations of the anomalies of time.

·        At the moment we are experiencing “the past” of our surroundings (Is there something wrong with our concept of time?)

·        Since infancy through to adulthood we have always felt that we are constantly at “the present.” But why is it that whenever we recall things we feel that we have “the past” or “the past condition”? (Is our memory to blame for this?)

·        We feel that we have “the past”, because of our memory.

·        We feel that we have “the future”, because of our memory.

·        We feel that we are always at “the present”, because the basic matter of our body not only has “the feeling of existence” but also is “always present.” This causes us to feel that our very being is constantly at “the present” and in “the present condition,” even though our condition keeps changing.


Because of memory, we feel that “the past” or the “past condition” exists, though in fact it doesn’t.. Any state of recalling is but a present condition which is assumed to be the presence of “the past condition.” All we experience is a constantly changing “present condition.” In negative terms, therefore, we may assume that our memory is deceiving us.