Resources Supporting the Writing of the Book and the Articles


It is indeed difficult for the writer to be honest if honesty is what the society at large considers as an effort to elevate one’s personal pride or to promote one’s self. But what I do hope here is that the readers would be able to take the best advantage of the life experiences of a person who has made every effort to give birth to his brainchild. Further, this could also be looked upon as his acknowledgement as to what the resources are that have supported his ways of thinking such that this book/article is written.

In my autobiography, I mention that in my attempt to write this book/article I have been exploiting the three resources in my possession, that is, the capacity for imagining things, the capacity for thinking creatively, and the capacity for thinking critically. It is also perhaps because of my habit of pondering on things—a habit which I have been fostering since my childhood—that has, without my being aware of it, served as a sort of exercise by which I have managed to develop my “insights.” And it is perhaps these so-trained insights that I have been unconsciously using to ponder on all those problems of mine. (Insight – the power or act of seeing into a situation.)


If a person possesses only imagination he tends to become a day-dreamer. However, if this capacity is accompanied by the capacity for thinking creatively, he will be able to create various imaginations, combine them with other imaginations and perhaps relate them to the various conditions surrounding him, all of which could be of use to him in making up fictional stories, creating artwork, etc. If to these two resources is added the capacity for thinking critically, his fictions may turn into stories from his real realm, by which he tries to narrate the various things that could possibly occur in it and raises questions about those conditions that are occurring and have occurred. Frankly speaking, the knowledge that the writer has of “Memory” is very limited. However, by taking advantage of what little he has to a maximal degree, he has finally managed to come up with this article. The following are some quotes which may be of use and serve as an encouragement for the development of the three resources.



 [Albert Einstein]


Imagination is more powerful and significant than memory. imagination over memory


Creative mind

Creative people do more than break away from the old patterns. They do more than find alternatives. They diverge from familiar patterns, but then they converge on new solutions. They break laws to remake them. They make hard decisions about what to include and what to eliminate. Creative people innovate. They aim toward newness. 


The Critical Mind is A Questioning Mind


Critical Mind

A critical mind is an absolute necessity if you are working on a scientific project. But the critical mind is an absolute barrier if you are trying to reach your own interiority, your own subjectivity. With the objective world it is perfectly okay.


Stephen Hawking has said that there is a 50-50 chance that we will find a complete unified theory in the next 20 years. Do you agree that the end of theoretical physics is in sight?  

(In sight = the power or act of seeing into a situation)


With our imagination we can envision the various situations, with our creative thoughts we can depict the various possibilities of a certain situation, with our critical mind we can sort out and pick out the various possibilities from a certain situation.

Reinarto Hadipriono