Condition – State of being; in this article, refers to a state of being of an existence in its totality and in its total relations with the contents of the universe.

Contents of the universe – all those contents of the universe, whether matter or energy.

Feeling of existence – the feeling that the self exists, the feeling that every existence has of its presence and which is part of its very existence.

Gnomon – a pointer on a sundial.

Memory –1.the power or process of remembering.  2. the store of things remembered.  3. something remembered.

Paradigm – It is an example or pattern. A mental model, a way of seeing, a filter for one’s perceptions, a frame of reference, a framework of thought or beliefs through which one’s world or reality is interpreted, an example used to define a phenomenon.

Sundial – a device for showing the time of day from the shadow cast on a plate by an object with a straight edge.

Universe – empty spaces including their contents.